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Kalliope is Speech Therapist-Owned 

     Owner Shawna Behm, M.A., CCC-SLP is an Oregon and California-licensed speech therapist with more than 20 years of educational experience. She briefly worked in the medical setting, but her passion is with teaching kids. 

     In addition to being a speech-language pathologist for 10 years, she has worn many other hats in the school setting including teacher's assistant, reading tutor, and afterschool program coordinator. 

     She understands the complex pressures that students, teachers, parents and administrators are under. Despite the challenges, she continues to believe that all children can thrive with the right supports.

She specializes in:

-virtual speech therapy 

-neurodiverse conditions (e.g., autism & ADHD)

-students with complex behaviors 

-rural school districts


Kallope's Philosophy

Kalliope Speech Therapy believes that all students have the right to
individualized therapy that is engaging and meaningful.


Therapy will always target skills that students need to be successful
in the classroom, not just in the speech room. Students need to be able
to speak, listen, read, write, and socialize at school in order to thrive.

With Kalliope, the focus is always on what the student can do,
not what they can't do. It's a mindset that yields powerful outcomes.
Students don't just learn skills. They also become confident
and engaged citizens of their school community. 


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